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MaxR Product Line
Intermetallic Compound Technology
Notice: Trans Bio Energy Company, Inc is the sole owner and manufacturer of MaxR Products and Trade Marks. MaxR Products are sold through reps/distributors on a non-exclusive sales agreement. If you have been offered distribution rights from anyone other than our corporate office, please Contact Us for verification.

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ColdAir MaxR100 MaxR200 MaxR300
Trans Bio Energy Company was formed in 2002 to acquire and develop energy saving technologies. The MaxR product line was developed in 2003 and has been modified in the ensuing years following extensive testing to meet ASTM and ASHREA Standards.

In HVAC applications, our unique and advanced intermetallic compound technology forms a permanent bond to metal surfaces. This action removes oil fouling, changes the thermal nature of the metal, and lowers the boiling point of the refrigerant gas, resulting in a more efficient operating system with substantial savings in energy costs.

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MaxR100 is used in air conditioners, refrigeration, cold-storage, chillers and reefers. It can be mixed with any refrigerant without affecting the manufacturer's warranty.

MaxR200 uses a similar technology to MaxR100 and is applied to engines, transmissions, hydraulic systems, differentials, generators, gears, or virtually any place where lubrication is used.

MaxR300 is an advanced diesel additive that reduces fuel consumption, acid formation, emissions, and smoke, while improving engine performance and the bottom line.

MaxR products do not include elements of the Halogen group such as chlorine, phosphorus and sulfur, and are covered by an extensive warranty. They are manufactured from environmentally friendly ingredients in Oklahoma, USA.

MaxR products offer quick ROI's and can substantially help the bottom line. Contact Trans Bio and let us start protecting your valuable assets while lowering your operating and maintenance costs.
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